1. Find A Way

From the recording So Far From Home

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Artist: Strings of Atlas
Writer/composer: Atlas Cage
Song: Find A Way
Now I'm looking for somewhere to go
Where I can settle in and act like I'm home
Where all the women are not all vampires
Where all the truths are not told by the liars
I just don't know what I'm Doing anymore
I just keep chasing the same ghosts
Round and round in a circle til I'm dizzy
It just feels like there is a puzzle piece missin'

Got to find a way to
Get A - Way
I see the road and I sit all alone
And I think of the world,
Of the people, of home I know
What I want but I
Don't know how I know
What I need what I
Need right now there is a
Space in my soul there is a
Tick in my heart there is a
War in my head they say I'm
Better off dead Nahhh

Got to find a way to
Get A - Way

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